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Tokenised securities  are tradable instruments such as shares, bonds or royalties. The token represents a digital certificate of ownership recorded using blockchain technology.

Tokenisation offers the opportunity to:

  • Increase access for more people to investment opportunities
  • simplify processes
  • reduce the number of intermediaries
  • streamline documentation
  • create innovative security products
  • reduce fraud and increase transparency

In order to invest through the Tokenise platform you will need to be:

  • at least 18 years old
  • categorised and self-certified as either
    • restricted retail investor (Everyday Investor)
    • high net worth individual
    • sophisticated investors
    • professional investors
    • Institutions
  • All investors need to be able to invest according to their local jurisdictional legislative framework


All investors should be able to invest and understand the risks, if there is any doubt you should seek the help of a professional advisor.

This will be determined by the fundraiser – see campaign details for more information.

Any UK registered company that wishes to conduct a Security Token Offering (STO) through Tokenise should contact us directly at [email protected].

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Contact the team if you have any other questions or comments.