Secondary Market

The secondary market component of the Tokenise platform will be unlike any other current crowdfunding platform.

We are currently in the process of finalising a fully functioning Bulletin Board that will act for the secondary market in the UK. We will then develop the platform, subject to regulatory approval, to access an order book, match buy and sell orders, execute transactions and calculate balances.


Tokenise will only act as an arranger for the transactions on a bilateral basis, there will be no market making or proprietary trading facilities at this point.


This facility has been developed to enable those who wish to sell their security tokens which have been purchased through the Tokenise platform and give those the opportunity to buy tokens. Although the primary market is the acquisition of security tokens , it is essential to ensure we have a working secondary market which allows investors to exit their investments on a 24/7 basis. The advent of tokenisation and blockchain technology enables this to occur seamlessly and transparently.

The Tokenise Bulletin Board – for a trader buying and a trader selling



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